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SafeHands Facility Services
Our company “Safe Hands” as the name suggests ; offer specialised security services to the customers to make them feel safe.

Security Services: The offered services are both for residential and commercial purpose. Our manpower is vigorously trained to face any emergency situations.Security guards for ATM, jewellery showroom,software companies,apartments , banks,event management,hotels,shopping malls etc are provided by our company “safe hands”.

The customers have complete faith and trust on us .We hire our employees after doing complete background verification as we serve many organisations which are dealing with highly sensitive data or expensive products.



Our expertise in providing quality security services is 24/7 -365 days and is for all facility types - IT parks , Commercial Offices , hospitals , factories, hotels, banks & financial Institutions, academic and research institutions, sports stadiums, warehouses or in fast moving environments like shopping malls, retail outlets, multiplexes or airports.



Routine Cleaning: Routine cleaning ensures that offices, toilets, meeting areas, public areas & all other routine work areas, furniture & floor spaces are maintained to a high level of general cleanliness .

Periodic Cleaning: Here deep cleaning is necessary as cleaning of kitchen where one can find stains which needs more frequent cleaning.


management service

The waste management process is implemented in many commercial areas .Segregation of waste is done in a professional manner so that the waste which can be recycled for making products can be send to recycle factory. Our employees are well trained to give this service.


maintenance service

Clearance of invasive weed , site clearance , fencing area , lawn care service are the ground maintenance services offered by our company.